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Cycle Hire for Alpe d'Huez based in Bourg d'Oisans
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Providing Your Measurements

We provide 3 levels of fitting

1. [FREE] - As part of your basic bike hire we are happy to make any necessary seat adjustments and handlebar adjustments that you require.

2. [5 euros] If you require A more EXACT fitting then we can adjust your  bike to the above photo "ABC" fitting. Dimensions should be provided 7 days in advance with your hire booking reference and Bike ID. All measurements must be in CMs. Your bike hire fee will be changed to reflect this - Charge 5 Euros

3.  [from 25 euros] if you wish to go further than the ABC Fitting above then we are happy to do subject to our availabilty. The charge will also reflect us changing the bike back to the standard bike set up advertised for each bike. all dimensions must be supplied to us at least 7 days in advance in CMS with your hire booking ID and your BIKE ID. Your bike hire fee will be changed to reflect these additional charges and we will send you an exact quote before carrying out the work. The Basic charge  for this is 25 Euros for the first hour plus 40 euros for each additional hour.

Important notice

We cannot guarantee to match your requirements exactly but we will do our best.  For example Sometimes the frame size or cut of the length of the forks or the headtube length will not allow us to meet your requirements.

Making your own changes

with our explicit permission You can make changes yourself. However the bike must come back with the same set up as it left us. For example "slammed stems" must be put in their original position.  as part of the hire agreement we do have the right to charge you if you have not reverted the bike back to its original state. We will charge 15 euros per 15 minutes or part of and this will be taken from your security deposit.


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